Oklahoma Paralegal Salary Guide

Supported by a strong energy sector and home to major corporate players like Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy, Oklahoma is primed for success for the legal services industry and the paralegals who provide the support services that allow the practice of law to remain cost-effective and efficient.

Whether their lending their talents to the law departments of Oklahoma’s corporations or working in one of the state’s big law firms like Conner & Winters, LLP, Crowe & Dunlevy, and Fellers Snider, paralegals in the Sooner State enjoy diverse opportunities in a variety of fields.

Paralegal Job Market Trends in Oklahoma

As of May 2020, paralegals in Oklahoma earned an average salary of $47,490, or $22.83 per hour. For those who have earned significant experience, particularly in a specific field of law like litigation, corporate law, immigration law, or family law, salaries here can go much higher. In fact, during this time, the top 10% earned about $76,800, or $36.92 per hour.

Oklahoma’s paralegals are supported by a growing legal services which, according to the American Bar Association, saw the number of active lawyers increase by a truly impressive 17.2% in the last decade (2011-2021). This type of meteoric growth that will likely translate into exceptional opportunities for the state’s paralegals in the coming years.

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Average Paralegal Salary in Oklahoma by City

As of May 2020, salaries for Tulsa’s paralegals were about $5,000 more than the state average, both at the average level and at the 90th percentile. Some of the biggest corporations in the country call Tulsa home, thanks to a low cost of doing business and low energy costs and taxes. Big names here include Arvest, Williams, and American Airlines.


Oklahoma City:

Average – $47,840 ($23.00 hourly)

Top 10% – $78,500 ($37.74 hourly)



Average – $52,640 ($25.31 hourly)

Top 10% – $81,540 ($39.20 hourly)


May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary, growth, and job market trends for paralegals and legal assistants. Figures represent state data, not school specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed December 2021.