Corporate Paralegal

With a specialty in law as it pertains to business, corporate paralegals may find employment as part of the in-house legal team of a corporation or other type of business. They also may join a law firm with a business law focus. The National Association of Legal Assistants’ members with specialties in corporate law reported an average salary of $58, 771. According to the same survey, over 30% of paralegals described themselves as corporate paralegals.

Corporate law includes such fundamentals as forming, maintaining and dissolving different types of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial transactions. Related areas of law include intellectual property, real estate and contracts. Essential skills for the corporate paralegal include strong research and writing skills, and attention to detail. Thorough documentation and accurate, timely filings are very important in corporate law.

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The job duties of a corporate paralegal may include:

  • Creating organizational documents, including articles of incorporation or dissolution, stock certificates and merger agreements
  • Drafting contracts, such as  employment contracts and non-compete agreements
  • Creating and distributing annual reports
  • Assisting with paperwork needed by the SEC, IRS, UCC and other regulatory bodies
  • Responding to requests for information
  • Assisting with ethics and compliance programs
  • Performing legal research

Sample Job Description for a Corporate Paralegal