Paralegal Schools in Kentucky

The body of knowledge required to effectively perform legal support services can only come from a formal education in paralegal studies. As attorneys, corporations and government agencies work within an increasingly complex legal framework, the level of responsibility they expect paralegals to be able to take on has also increased. Law offices and other employers in Kentucky have come to rely on paralegals with the kind of expertise that can only come from earning a certificate or degree in paralegal studies.

If you want to make it as a paralegal you need to work hard and be smart.

This includes working paralegals who want to pad their résumés and advance, young up-and-comers who have just finished high school, and career changers who want to start on a new path.

If you’re just entering the field and know you have what it takes, then it’s time to get the education you need, both to develop legal research and support skills, and to start convincing your future employer you’re the one for the job.

Earning a degree or certificate is the ticket. If you’re looking at getting started with a big firm in one of Louisville’s glass towers, college education is an absolute must if you want your application to make it to the top of the stack. Even with small town law firms serving rural clients, a formal education will make a huge difference in your prospects.

To help you in this endeavor we’ve made some recommendations of the best online paralegal programs. All the programs we recommend have earned the stamp of approval from a regional or national accreditation agency.


Beckfield College

AAS in Paralegal Studies – Campus

BS in Paralegal Studies – Campus

Paralegal Certificate (post-bac) – Campus

  • ABA approved: yes, all three programs

This program stands out among the rest with three ABA-approved programs that are all available from Beckfield’s Florence campus. Those in the midst of a career change or coming from high school can apply as undergraduate students to the AAS and BS programs, while the certificate program accepts applications from those who already have a bachelor’s degree.

The AAS is designed to be completed in eight quarters (two years), the BS in four years, and the certificate in three quarters (39 weeks). All programs include an externship where aspiring paralegals get to apply the skills they’ve learned in the real world, gaining valuable experience.

Students enrolled in any of these programs have the opportunity to develop contacts and gain work experience in the greater Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati metropolitan area.


Eastern Kentucky University

AAS in Paralegal Science – Campus, online blend

BA in Paralegal Science – Campus, online blend

Paralegal Certificate (post-bac) – Campus, online blend

  • ABA approved: yes, all three programs
  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

EKU makes our list because we love the way it offers ABA-approved programs that prepare students to launch into the professional workplace. 90 percent of graduates from EKU are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.

All three of these programs are available as blended online-campus programs (Richmond campus) as well as full campus-based programs from the EKU’s Richmond campus.

The BA program is 120 credits (four years), the AAS program is 64 credits (two years), and the certificate program is 30 credits (one year). Students in this school’s degree programs complete a 280-hour internship in a law office or legal environment of their choice.


Madisonville Community College

AAS Paralegal Technology – Online

Paralegal Certificate – Online

  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

We chose this program because it has one of the highest cost-to-quality ratios in the state. It also has a job placement program for graduates to ensure they find positions in Kentucky’s legal field.

The AAS program is designed to take two years to complete and consists of 66 credits. The certificate program is designed to take 48 weeks and consists of 39 credits. Consideration for admission to either is open to anyone who can provide a high school diploma/GED and a test score from the ACT, TABEA, or Compass exams.


Morehead State University

BA in Legal Studies – Campus

  • ABA approved: Yes
  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

We chose this program for several reasons, especially because of the extensive opportunities for hands-on experience. Students participate in everything from community projects and pro se divorce clinics, to clinics about wills and internships in the community at large. Based out of the university’s eponymous city, students here have region-wide internship opportunities.

This BA program takes approximately four years to complete, and students report very high satisfaction with how their career prospects turn out after graduation. Of those that choose to go on to grad school, 100 percent were accepted.

Those coming from high school or making a career change to the paralegal field are welcome to apply to MSU, and need to have ACT/SAT scores as well as a high school transcript or GED.


University of Louisville

AA in Paralegal Studies – Campus

BS in Political Science, Paralegal Studies Track – Campus

  • AA program is ABA-approved; BS program is not ABA-approved
  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

This program makes our list because of its quality and the level of student satisfaction reported after graduation.

The 63-credit AA program is designed to take two years to complete, while the BS program is designed to take four years to complete. Students enrolled in both these programs will benefit from the university’s membership with the American Association for Paralegal Education and the Louisville Association of Paralegals.

Both programs offer paralegal internships where students get a chance to leave the Louisville campus and go out into the greater metro area to explore all their professional options. As an ABA-approved program, students are welcome to transfer credits from other such programs. Those who meet the UL’s competitive entrance requirements can apply to the program of their choice.


Western Kentucky University

AA in Paralegal Studies – Campus

BA in Paralegal Studies – Campus

  • ABA approved – Yes, both programs
  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

The fact that both these programs are ABA-approved and both provide the opportunity for a paralegal internship earns this school a place on our list. Admission to either program is open to anyone who meets WKU’s general admission requirements.

The AA program is designed to take two years to complete (66 credits). The BA program is designed to take four years to complete (120 credits). Each program culminates in a three-credit internship in the greater Bowling Green area.

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