Arizona Paralegal Salaries

A new report from Wells Fargo economists Mark Vitner and Jamie Feik predict that the pace of Arizona’s economic growth will double in 2017 as efforts to diversify the economy of the state begin paying off big time. The report notes the growing list of corporations that are relocating to Arizona or expanding their existing base of operations.

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Arizona’s booming economy bodes well for paralegals with the number of jobs predicted to increase dramatically according to the state’s Office of Economic Opportunity. The agency predicts a growth rate of 23.6% between 2014 and 2024 which is three-times faster than national projections published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Arizona’s paralegals earned an average salary of $50,470 ($24.26 hourly) as of 2016. Professionals in the top 10% averaged $75,870 ($36.48 hourly).

Prospects for Paralegals in the Phoenix Metropolitan Areas

Paralegals in the Phoenix area earned even higher salaries than the statewide average as of 2016. Not only are salaries high, opportunities abound. Eighty percent of Arizona’s 5,550 paralegals practiced in the Phoenix metropolitan area during 2016. In fact, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale had the 10th largest number of paralegals practicing of any metropolitan area in the country. And the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity predicts that there is room for more.

Phoenix is one of the key locations benefitting from the fact that Arizona has established itself as a leading center for automotive research. General Motors, Google, and Uber are all testing self-driving vehicles in the Phoenix metro area. Paralegals with experience in such areas as intellectual property and patent law are especially likely to benefit from this type of growth.

Salaries for Paralegals Throughout Arizona


  • Average – $45,060 ($21.66 an hour)
  • Top 10% – $55,280 ($26.58 an hour)


  • Average – $45,210 ($21.74 an hour)
  • Top 10% – $72,000 ($34.62 an hour)


  • Average – $51,410 ($24.72 an hour)
  • Top 10% – $77,580 ($37.30 an hour)


  • Average – $38,760 ($18.63 an hour)
  • Top 10% – $50,120 ($24.10 an hour)


  • Average – $48,400 ($23.27 an hour)
  • Top 10% – $71,190 ($34.23 an hour)


  • Average – $46,930 ($22.56 an hour)
  • Top 10% – $60,710 ($29.19 an hour)

Salary and employment data from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016.