Vermont Paralegal Salaries

In just five years the average paralegal salary in Vermont has shot up by 19 percent. As of 2016 it is $50,320, and even higher for those in the top-10th percentile: $68,120.

If an growing average salary wasn’t good enough, the Vermont Department of Labor estimates the number of paralegal jobs in the state will increase by over five percent in the decade leading up to 2024.

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As long as there is steady demand for paralegals, salaries can be expected to continue to be strong. In Vermont there are several indications this will remain the case. The largest employers of paralegals are the legal sector and government, and each have exhibited signs of strength.

For instance, between 2010 and 2015 Vermont’s state and local governments have increased by 822 personnel (US Bureau of Economic Analysis).

Regarding it’s legal sector, Vermont’s court system is often clogged with more cases than it can resolve, with the following information provided for the year 2015 (National Center for State Courts, Conference of State Court Administrators):

  • 17,886 civil court cases incoming versus 14,793 resolved
  • 19,992 domestic relations cases incoming versus 19,510 resolved
  • 2,339 juvenile cases incoming versus 1,939 resolved
  • 465 supreme court cases incoming versus 528 outgoing

The US Department of Labor reports that in 2016 there were a total of 660 paralegals employed statewide. By region the numbers come out to 330 paralegals in the greater Burlington area, 220 in the rural south, and 110 in the rural north.

Adding up the civil, domestic, juvenile, and supreme court cases shows that in 2015 courts faced 40,682 cases. And remember for many court cases there are two sides represented by two legal teams. That potentially means there are 660 paralegals to tackle 81,364 cases. That’s a yearly caseload of 123 cases for each individual paralegal, or 2.4 cases per week.

Salary Figures for Paralegals in Vermont

These numbers are sourced from the US Department of Labor, 2016:

Burlington-South Burlington:

  • Average annual – $49,040
  • Average hourly – $23.58
  • Top-10th annual – $62,420
  • Top-10th hourly – $30.01

Rural Northern Vermont:

  • Average annual – $57,150
  • Average hourly – $27.47
  • Top-10th annual – $77,270
  • Top-10th hourly – $37.15

Rural Southern Vermont:

  • Average annual – $48,790
  • Average hourly – $23.46
  • Top-10th annual – $65,230
  • Top-10th hourly – $31.35

Salary and employment data from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016.