Idaho Paralegal Salaries

Governor Otter touted Idaho’s recent good economic news to a crowd of businesspeople in June 2017. With state tax revenues exceeding the previous year by 12%, Idaho is well on track to continue its economic growth.

This news bodes well for Idaho’s legal community, and the state’s Department of Labor predicts outstanding growth in the number of jobs for paralegals between 2014 and 2024. The projected growth rate of 26.9% exceeds the national rate by 3.3-fold and should generate an average of 44 jobs a year for Idaho’s paralegals.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the state’s paralegals earned an average salary of $42,080 ($20.23 hourly) with those in the top 10% averaging $55,060 ($26.47 hourly) as of 2016.

Prospects for Paralegals in Idaho’s Major Metropolitan Areas

Boise City not only had more than half of Idaho’s 860 paralegals in 2016, it’s also the area with the highest average salary in the state overall.

This is not a surprise, since Forbes ranked Boise as the 13th best city in the country for business and careers. Boise City’s diversified economy offers options for paralegals with varying legal backgrounds ranging from government to manufacturing to agriculture. The city has also developed a robust high-tech industry that can benefit paralegals with expertise in intellectual property and patent law.

Boise City:

  • Average – $45,700 ($21.97 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $62,800 ($30.19 hourly)

Coeur d’Alene:

  • Average – $40,100 ($19.24 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $56,230 ($27.08 hourly)

Idaho Falls:

  • Average – $36,050 ($17.33 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $44,990 ($21.63 hourly)


  • Average – $37,680 ($18.12 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $49,980 ($24.03 hourly)


Salary and employment data from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016.

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