Grand View University Interview

Grand View University

We recognized Grand View University for offering one of Top Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Paralegal Studies, adding them to our list of top recommendations for students in the area.

We were excited to hear from Patricia Williams, faculty member at Grand View University, who took the time to answer a few questions about how the school works to create a great student experience that helps prepare graduates for a career in the legal field.

Are you finding a lot of career changers in your program looking to get their start in the legal profession?

Patricia: Our local educational partners shared with us the increasing trend with career changers going into Paralegal Studies, and the need for them to continue their studies as they work full time as paralegals. Paralegal Studies at Grand View University is a 2+2 program, designed to allow individuals with two-year degrees in Paralegal Studies, to finish their bachelor’s degree online or face-to-face, building upon their first two years of study in paralegal. So, students at Grand View University generally are working in the field as paralegals, and wanting to finish their undergraduate studies, to enhance their career opportunities. The program allows paralegal students to focus on business/human resources or public administration.

Paralegals are really getting the respect they deserve these days, and taking on more and more responsibilities on the job. How is this changing the approach to educating new paralegals?

Patricia: Increased responsibilities comes with increased opportunities. Paralegals are consistently building their critical thinking, communication, and decision-making skills. Completing the bachelor’s degree blends liberal arts with the paralegal studies, giving individuals the increased skills they need to meet the challenges in the workplace.

Does the program at your school include an internship and are faculty available to help students find one?

Patricia: Grand View University does require an internship with the Paralegal Studies program. Many students transfer this in, having completed it in their first two years of study elsewhere. However, those still needing an internship or those wanting a second internship do have resources in locating and securing an internship. The Career Center as well as faculty can assist with securing an internship.

What are some of the things you love most about the paralegal program at your school – the kind of things you’d like future students to know about as they consider their options?

Patricia: Grand View’s program has option in both the online format as well as face-to-face format. Students can choose the format that best meets their needs, and complete their program by enrolling in eight-week courses. The program also builds upon the associates-level by incorporating the paralegal studies two-year degree completed elsewhere, into the major. It recognizes the skills students already bring to the program and allows them to build upon those skills.

Classes at Grand View are small and taught be full-time faculty or part-time practitioners. With competitive tuition, Grand View offers an flexible program that allows students to progress in a timely fashion, working with their individual situations and needs.

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