Delaware Paralegal Salaries

Most paralegals find their niche in law firms and municipal and US district court systems, but those that develop expertise in business incorporation and corporate law are likely to fare extremely well in Delaware, since more than one million business entities have made the state their legal home. The Delaware Division of Corporations stated that this figure includes fully two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the state’s chemical industry and biotech companies provide opportunities for paralegals with experience in intellectual property licensing, trademark and patent law.

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Experienced paralegals earning within the top ten percent in Delaware made an average of $81,730 ($39.29 hourly) according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016). Overall, the state’s paralegals earned an average of $55,420 ($26.65 hourly).

The profession is growing in Delaware, and the state’s Department of Labor projects that the number of jobs for paralegals will increase by 4.3% between 2014 and 2024.

Salaries for Paralegals in Wilmington and Dover

Job growth statistics bode particularly well for paralegals in the Wilmington area. The Delaware Department of Labor predicts that the number of jobs for these professionals will increase by 10.5% between 2014 and 2024. This rate of growth exceeds the national average for paralegals and is nearly 2.5 times the average job growth rate for the state of Delaware.

Wilmington is the financial center of Delaware, 85% of the state’s 1,130 paralegals practiced there in 2016, and their salaries are substantially higher than those in the southern part of the state:


  • Average – $58,070 ($27.92 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $85,220 ($40.97 hourly)


  • Average – $47,330 ($22.75 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $59,110 ($28.42 hourly)


Salary and employment data from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016.