Paralegal Schools in California

The body of knowledge required to effectively perform legal support services can only come from a formal education in paralegal studies. As attorneys, corporations and government agencies work within an increasingly complex legal framework, the level of responsibility they expect paralegals to be able to take on has also increased. Law offices and other employers in California have come to rely on paralegals with the kind of expertise that can only come from earning a certificate or degree in paralegal studies.

Featured Programs:

From the burgeoning tech industry in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley to the massive real estate and entertainment industries in Los Angeles, there are plenty of reasons why California’s legal environment is stronger than ever. According to the State Bar of California, there are nearly 190,000 practicing attorneys in the state. In Los Angeles alone, there are at least five firms staffed with more than 200 attorneys, and hundreds more paralegals.

Whether you have visions of sitting in on the in-counsel boardroom meetings of mammoth companies like Facebook or Google, or you want to walk the halls of one of the more than 500 court buildings that make up the largest court system in the nation, you’ll find your opportunity here in California.

And education opportunities are just as varied here, from associate or undergraduate certificates in paralegal studies at the ground level to bachelor’s, post-degree certificates and master’s degrees for the established paralegal looking to specialize.

While the huge selection of programs in California has its benefits, finding one that suits your needs may be a particularly stressful process. We got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of the best online programs and campus options available in the state—all of which are regionally or nationally accredited. Request information to find out more about tuition costs and other key details.