About ParalegalEDU.org

ParalegalEDU.org was designed to be the first free, full-access, and fully unbiased online resource for paralegals and aspiring paralegals in the United States and Canada. The team at ParalegalEDU.org set out with the objective of providing answers to all the questions that legal paraprofessionals are likely to have. As questions persist about the educational standards and certification requirements for legal support professionals, ParalegealEdu.org provides a state-by-state guide for both aspiring paralegals looking at education options, as well as industry vets exploring the scope of practice in other jurisdictions along with the requirements necessary for legal recognition and permission to practice out of state.

ParalegalEDU.org represents the concerted efforts of up-and-coming legal paraprofessionals serving as peer representatives who were able to clearly articulate their questions about education, certification, scope of practice, and processes; as well as the established industry professionals who were able to clearly articulate answers to these questions. Visitors are encouraged to use this resource freely, as they work to find answers to their own questions while exploring the paths to careers as legal paraprofessionals.

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