Oregon Paralegal Salaries

Job growth is among the strongest in the nation…household incomes have steadily increased…and the booming high-tech sector remains has keep economic growth on the rise. This is Oregon, a darling of the West Coast where Nike reigns supreme and the only thing more impressive than the economy are the views.

For aspiring and practicing paralegals, Oregon is a veritable gem, offering opportunities with corporate powerhouses, regional and national law firms, and governmental agencies at nearly every level.

Paralegal Job Market Trends in Oregon

As of May 2020, the average salary for paralegals in Oregon was $57,510, which was slightly higher than the national average of $56,510 for this profession.

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty of room for growth for paralegals in Oregon who have the experience, skills, and specialized training in one or more areas of law that most big employers demand. In fact, during this same period, the top 10% of paralegals in Oregon earned about $91,860 – that’s $34,000 more than the state average.

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Average Paralegal Salary in Oregon by City

The Bend-Redmond area came out on top for its pay of paralegals in Oregon, both at the average mark and at the top 10%.

Portland, which hosts company headquarters and their legal departments, such as Nike and Precision Castparts Corporation, as well as the state’s two largest law firms: Stoel Rives and Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, also inched ahead other metro areas for its pay of paralegals during this time.

Salem is home to the headquarters of many government institutions, including the legislature and the state’s 3rd Judicial District.


Bend-Redmond Area:

Average – $66,640 ($32.04 hourly)

Top 10% – $129,970 ($62.48 hourly)



Average – $47,430 ($22.80 hourly)

Top 10% – $61,280 ($29.46 hourly)



Average – $52,150 ($25.07 hourly)

Top 10% – $67,000 ($32.21 hourly)


Portland Metro Area (OR-WA):

Average – $60,720 ($29.19 hourly)

Top 10% – $98,370 ($47.29 hourly)



Average – $51,370 ($24.70 hourly)

Top 10% – $67,480 ($32.44 hourly)


May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary, growth, and job market trends for paralegals and legal assistants. Figures represent state data, not school specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed December 2021.