Paralegal Schools in Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador do not specifically regulate or define paralegals; there are no licensing or certification requirements to become a paralegal. According to the province’s Law Society Act of 1999, someone who is employed and supervised by a member of the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador can provide legal services provided they work within its established guidelines.

The low regulatory bar for entry into this field means it’s all the more important to distinguish yourself from among your competition. Gaining relevant paralegal education is a strategic way you can gain valuable knowledge plus a tangible credential you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

Relevant paralegal education programs in Newfoundland and Labrador can cover everything from the basics –how to best formulate a résumé and launch your career– to important detailed information about using Westlaw or LexisNexis and different areas of practice like family or business law.

You’ll find schools offer different types of credentials. Undergraduate certificate programs tend to be the shortest and take around a year to complete. Undergraduate diploma programs can be longer and take a few years to complete. Bachelor’s degrees take approximately four years to complete.

We’ve analyzed all the relevant paralegal programs in Newfoundland and Labrador to come up with the following list:

Memorial University – Bachelor of Arts (BA) In Law and Society

Offered from MU’s St. John’s campus, this four-year 120-credit program is housed within the university’s Department of Political Science. This program includes a variety of courses in criminology and political science, plus a course on organized crime in Canada, and a course on democracy and social justice. A 24-credit minor is also offered.

Memorial University – Certificate in Criminology

This seven-course 21-credit undergraduate program focuses on law, the Canadian legal system both federally and provincially, and the justice and correctional systems. It is particularly relevant for paralegals who plan to work in the criminal justice field, and offered on the school’s St. John’s campus.

Memorial University – Certificate/Diploma in Business Administration

These programs are perfect for aspiring paralegals who are interested in gaining insights into how business works. The certificate program is 10 courses and 30 credits, while the diploma program is 20 courses and 60 credits. Both programs can be completed from the school’s St. John’s campus, online, or in a hybrid campus-online combination.

Online Training College of Law – Paralegal Diploma

With areas of focus available in general Canadian law, corporate law, conveyancing procedure, litigation, and senior paralegal techniques, this college provides diploma opportunities you can earn online from the comfort of your own home. Each specialization can be completed in as soon as 32 weeks up to a maximum of two years.

College of the North Atlantic – Legal Office Administration Diploma

Housed within the college’s School of Business, this six-semester 24-course program culminates with a six-week supervised internship in a workplace setting where you’ll gain competitive hands-on experience. Classes are offered from the school’s Prince Philip Drive campus located in St. John’s.

Academy Canada – Diploma of Social Studies in Paralegal Studies

With campus locations in Corner Brook, St. John’s, and at adult education centers across the province, this six-semester diploma program culminates with an eight-week work term in a supervised legal setting. A total of 34 courses are offered as options for areas of specialization. This program is proud to state that some students may be offered jobs through their work experience site after graduation.

Eastern Academy – Diploma in Business Administration

This 62-week diploma program includes an eight-week field placement experience where you gain supervised on-the-job training. It includes courses in business law, word processing, career planning, and career preparation; all valuable tools for prospective paralegals, especially those interested in business or corporate law.