Maryland Paralegal Salaries

In a state with an economy that outperforms most of the rest of the country, it’s not surprising that projections indicate that the number of jobs for paralegals in Maryland will increase at a rate 2.3-times faster than the national average. The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation expects the number of jobs for paralegals to increase by an impressive 19.09% during the ten-year period leading up to 2024.

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The leading forces behind the economic growth of Maryland include such high-paying industries as IT, telecommunications, aerospace/defense, and biotech. And while law firms and government represent the top employers for paralegals, corporate legal departments in these industries aren’t far behind. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Maryland’s paralegals earned an average of $53,740 ($25.84 hourly) as of 2016. Experienced professionals – those in the top ten percent – earned considerably more at $76,120 a year ($36.60 hourly).

Paralegal Salaries in Maryland’s Major Metro Areas

While the average salary in the Baltimore area exceeded the state’s average by about $1,000, paralegals in the top 10% in Silver Spring-Frederick-Rockville earned the highest salaries in the state with an average that was more than $6,000 higher than the overall state average for this category.

With both Silver Spring and Rockville located in Montgomery County – the state’s main economic engine and most affluent jurisdiction – paralegals in this metropolitan area have access to high paying jobs in the legal departments of industry-leading companies in the biotech and defense contracting sectors. These types of companies frequently offer lucrative positions to paralegals with expertise in areas like intellectual property licensing and patent law.


  • Average – $54,780 ($26.34 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $71,110 ($34.19 hourly)

California-Lexington Park:

  • Average – $42,880 ($20.62 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $63,300 ($30.43 hourly)


  • Average – $52,450 ($25.22 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $69,460 ($33.39 hourly)


  • Average – $42,930 ($20.64 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $51,070 ($24.55 hourly)

Silver Spring-Frederick-Rockville:

  • Average – $51,580 ($24.80 hourly)
  • Top 10% – $82,930 ($39.87 hourly)


Salary and employment data from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016.