Georgia Paralegal Salary Guide

A pro-business climate that’s supported by major corporations like Home Depot, UPS, and Coca-Cola has allowed Georgia to post year-over-year economic growth and a steady spot among the top states in the nation to do business, according to Forbes.

Paralegals with a variety of legal backgrounds can benefit from Georgia’s robust economy, since the state competes very effectively in headquarters operations, high-tech, business and professional services, movie and TV production and distribution/logistics.

Paralegal Job Market Trends in Georgia

As of May 2020, the average salary for paralegals in Georgia was $54,130, or $26.03 per hour. But for those paralegals with extensive experience, industry credentials, and specialty knowledge in an area of law like litigation, bankruptcy, civil rights, or family law can quickly climb the career ladder and earn a salary that reflects the top 10% of earners here, which was $82,540, or $39.68 during this time.

According to the American Bar Association, the number of active lawyers in Georgia has increased by 14.8% between 2011 and 2021. This type of meteoric growth bodes well for paralegal job opportunities well into the future.

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Average Paralegal Salary in Georgia by City

Not surprising, Atlanta, which is home to massive corporations like Mercedes-Benz and Home Depot, is a hotbed for paralegals, ranking sixth in the nation among metro areas for its employment level of paralegals (9,160 as of 2020). The Atlanta metro area is also where some of the top salaries for paralegals are found, with the average salary here coming in as much as $18,000 more than other metro areas.


Athens-Clarke County:

Average – $49,400 ($23.75 hourly)

Top 10% – $62,890 ($30.23 hourly)


Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell:

Average – $56,370 ($27.10 hourly)

Top 10% – $86,540 ($41.60 hourly)


Augusta-Richmond County:

Average – $44,660 ($21.47 hourly)

Top 10% – $61,130 ($29.39 hourly)



Average – $53,800 ($25.87 hourly)

Top 10% – $89,130 ($42.85 hourly)



Average – $48,660 ($23.39 hourly)

Top 10% – $64,350 ($30.94 hourly)



Average – $49,310 ($23.71 hourly)

Top 10% – $71,920 ($34.58 hourly)



Average – $43,990 ($21.15 hourly)

Top 10% – $67,010 ($32.22 hourly)



Average – $48,680 ($23.40 hourly)

Top 10% – $78,330 ($37.66 hourly)



Average – $38,200 ($18.37 hourly)

Top 10% – $86,340 ($26.48 hourly)


May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary, growth, and job market trends for paralegals and legal assistants. Figures represent state data, not school specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed December 2021.