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New Mexico Paralegal Salaries

During 2011, there were 1,730 paralegals employed in New Mexico, most of which worked in the Albuquerque area. The average salary among them was $42,060, while those in the 90th percentile averaged $16,460 more, earning $58,520. The highest paying location was the Eastern nonmetropolitan area where the top ten percent earned roughly $23,000 more at $65,240 on average.

Area name Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage Hourly median wage Hourly 75th percentile wage Hourly 90th percentile wage Annual median wage Annual 75th percentile wage Annual 90th percentile wage
Albuquerque NM94018.913933018.1321.3225.10377104434052200
Farmington NM3018.543857019.1121.7624.24397404526050420
Las Cruces NM9017.183573016.1618.0024.62336203744051220
Santa Fe NM14022.304638020.8724.7727.84434105151057900
North and West Central New Mexico nonmetropolitan area4018.023747016.5220.1129.84343704183062070
Eastern New Mexico nonmetropolitan area12016.303389013.8615.1031.36288303140065240

Salary and employment data has been compiled by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2010.