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Scott is an author and information technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Washington and has worked in the information technology industry for more than 20 years as a system administrator, IT manager, and consultant. Scott’s numerous writing credits have included articles on healthcare, psychology, social work and public health. You can connect with Scott on LinkedIn at

20 Lawyer Jokes You Should Never Tell

How does an attorney sleep? Well, first he lies on one side, then he lies on the other. You’ve heard that one, along with a million other lawyer jokes that people have sprung on you from the moment you first …

Top 10 Rookie Mistakes New Paralegals Make

It’s too much to expect that anyone stepping into a brand new position will do a letter-perfect job on day one.. but nothing builds dumb confidence quite like a college degree and zero experience! As a brand new paralegal, fresh …

Could You Be Replaced by Legal Software

Will Legal Software Soon Replace Paralegals? Each day moves us one step closer to life once existing only in the minds of sci-fi writers and conspiracy theorists dreaming of a world where robots rule, or in the nightmares of 21st …

5 Paralegals Who Are Changing the World

In a way, almost every paralegal changes the world. It’s easy to overlook the fact that all the mundane paperwork, all the boring LexisNexis searches, all the interminable client interviews, are actually part of an important and frequently life-changing legal …

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