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NALA exam tips

How Do I Prepare for the NALA CP Exam?

You can prepare for the NALA CP exam by reviewing the test outlines and by taking advantage of the exam preparation materials and products offered through NALA and other sources. But even with those resources available to you, everybody appreciates …

Class taking NALA Certification exam

What is NALA Certification?

You’ve never been one to be satisfied with doing the minimum, which is why you view earning voluntary professional certification as a necessary step for taking your paralegal career to the next level. NALA – The Paralegal Association has long …

20 Lawyer Jokes You Should Never Tell

How does an attorney sleep? Well, first he lies on one side, then he lies on the other. You’ve heard that one, along with a million other lawyer jokes that people have sprung on you from the moment you first …

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