Master's Programs in Paralegal Studies

Master’s degrees in paralegal studies may be earned by those candidates who already possess a bachelor’s degree in any field. Most students can complete a master’s degree in one to two years of coursework focused exclusively on paralegal studies.

Those who already possess education or work experience as paralegals may choose master’s degrees in order to specialize in an area of law or to move into a management position. Specialization and management may allow a paralegal to perform higher level work within their firm or earn a greater salary. Master’s degrees may also be useful for those who wish to pursue academic careers as paralegals, such as teaching within paralegal education programs.

Other students, particularly those who have earned bachelor’s degrees in non-legal fields, may opt to earn their master’s degree instead of a post-baccalaureate certificate. In a competitive job market, a master’s degree can help job candidates stand out from their peers. Master’s degrees may also be useful to entry-level paralegals who already know that they wish to pursue careers in highly technical or specialized areas of the law. ABA approved paralegal schools can be found here.

Washington University School of Law’s online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) one year master’s degree program is designed for professionals who are interested in exploring U.S. law as it relates to a wide array of disciplines, but don’t require a three-year juris doctor degree to practice as an attorney. Delivered completely online, this top-tier program features the same rigorous curriculum and is taught by the same faculty as the on-campus program at Washington University School of Law. Bachelor’s Required