Tips on Navigating Law Firm Culture

When working in a law office, all too often the politics of the office can interfere with getting the job done.  Those who work in the legal professional tend to be somewhat conservative when operating in a business atmosphere.  As such, paralegals, especially those new to the profession, should keep certain pointers in mind in order to avoid falling victim to office distractions, or getting caught up in office disputes. Here we will take a look at some of the best tips to help you succeed in adjusting to law office culture.

Manage Your Social Networks Carefully

This advice is generally applicable to anyone who works in a professional setting, but is doubly applicable to paralegals.  When it comes to your social media accounts, think before posting suggestive or inflammatory material. It may seem like your employers will never know, or don’t care. But you don’t want to find out the hard way that you were wrong.

Observe Firm Culture

Though personal expression is important in the United States, it is usually better to dress and groom yourself in a conservative fashion when at work as a paralegal.  Your employer may not have a problem if you want to wear a flamboyant hair styles or jewelry, but it could cause a problem for their clients who see you around the office.

Mind Your Business

When attorneys go through law school, much of their training involves reasoning and how best to formulate an argument so as to get their points across.  The last place you want to get in an argument or take sides is in a law office.  Instead, if the subject being debated or argued does not involve you personally, it would be better if you don’t get involved.

Let Your Best Shine Through

The best work always rises to the top.  Going above and beyond, while not overstepping your bounds, is one of the best ways to get recognized and secure promotions, raises, and other opportunities.