The Top 3 Reasons Why Becoming a Virtual Paralegal May Be the Best Career Move you’ve Ever Made

Sometimes thinking outside of the box (as cliché as it sounds) produces impressive results. Case in point: Not all paralegal jobs exist in a law firm.

You may have heard of the term “virtual paralegal” but haven’t given it much thought. Well, this type of paralegal has not only become a popular term but a major subset in the paralegal profession in recent years.

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A virtual paralegal doesn’t differ from a traditional paralegal in terms of job duties and legal scope; however, instead of performing their duties on site, these paralegal professionals perform their jobs in a virtual setting, with many working from remote offices and serving clients in all parts of the world.

1.    Virtual paralegals save law firms money.

With an eye on cutting costs, many law firms and attorneys are looking to outsource a number of jobs, and virtual paralegals who can perform work outside of the law firm in a freelance or independent contracting capacity can be a very attractive alternative to hiring a full-time-with-benefits paralegal.

2.    Virtual paralegals enjoy a flexible lifestyle.

If you are searching to balance your family and your job, a career as a virtual paralegal may provide you with the freedom and flexibility you desire. Being able to control their calendars is one of the main reasons virtual paralegals take this professional path.

Serving as a virtual may allow you to charge more than a traditional paralegal, as you are saving your clients money on everything from parking spaces to office equipment.  Most virtual paralegals negotiate fees on a contract basis, meaning that each new job and new client increases your chances of earning a bigger paycheck.

3.    Virtual paralegals need not travel.

Unlike freelance paralegals, who must travel from one client to the next, virtual paralegals rarely need to make an in-person appearance, choosing instead to conduct their business via email or telephone. For paralegals with children or family duties that make traveling near-impossible, working in a virtual environment is a dream.

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