New York Paralegal Association Honors Charitable Hospice

WNYPA is the Western New York Paralegal Association, Inc. They are a non-profit and voluntary association that strives for high standards among paralegals in regards to ethics. Their goal is also to educate Western New York businesses and legal communities about using paralegals effectively. Recently this group from Western New York was in the news for honoring the Niagara Hospice.

The WNY Paralegal Association held a holiday gathering recently at the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. The purpose of this gathering was to honor the Niagara Hospice. Every year the WNY Paralegal Association gives out an award for charities. This year Niagara Hospice was one of two recipients chosen by WNYPA.

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Niagara Hospice has been providing support and comfort during the end-of-life transition for over 25 years. They have helped over 20,000 patients and families cope with death and illness. The Niagara Hospice raises money to help with patient costs, so that no family or individual is turned away due to lack of funds or insurance.

One of the members of the WNYPA was even helped by Niagara Hospice. They helped to take care of her father at home. Niagara Hospice allowed the patient to be at home and helped the family to give proper support and care.

WNYPA not only recognized Niagara Hospice, they gave them a large donation, collected a number of gift cards from the community and held a raffle, all for the benefit of the Hospice. The Director of the Hospice was overwhelmed and grateful for the good will of the WNY Paralegal Association.

Congratulations to the Western New York Paralegal Association for reaching out to the community and giving back to those that are helping others. What is your paralegal association doing for your community?

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