Former Paralegal Lands Job at State’s 5th Judicial District

Jennifer Scordo started towards her career by earning a paralegal degree from her local community college. By the time she was 18 she had managed to land a job at a law firm specializing in a range of issues from personal injury and bankruptcy to real estate and criminal law.

After developing her skills at this establishment she moved on to another area law firm where she acquired true expertise in her profession over 18 years of consistent service. At that point she made the decision to apply to law school.

That led to a job as New York’s Lewis County assistant attorney a few years ago. Today she is listed as a court attorney for the 5th Judicial District of the New York State Unified Court System.

Scordo was featured in a 2015 article in the Watertown Daily Times describing how she wanted to work as an attorney who specialized in custody, divorce, and family cases. Voicing a repeated desire to help kids, she focused on family law throughout her tenure as a paralegal.

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Initially planning to start her own practice upon graduating from law school, she jumped when she saw an opening for a county assistant attorney. During her time with Lewis County she said around 95 percent of her job involved working with the state’s Department of Social Services.

So why did it take more than 18 years as a paralegal before Scordo decided to earn her law degree? If you guessed family reasons, you’re correct.

Soon after she began work as a paralegal her first child arrived. Just as her daughter was turning seven years old and getting ready to become a full-time first grader, Scordo had a second child. This time when her son was approaching seven and preparing for full-time school, so was Scordo.

She used her new-found freedom with the kids away at school to earn her degree and graduate magna cum laude from law school. Along the way she received awards for her pro bono work as a student attorney.

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