2018 Most Social Media Friendly Paralegal Schools

In legal studies departments at major universities, state schools and community colleges all over the world, social media managers are hard at work doing what most of us do when we’re hardly working – countless hours of liking, tweeting, and sharing. It’s obvious why schools are investing time and resources to maintain a strong presence on the very same platforms we all use everyday: There’s just no better way to keep students, faculty and alum connected and feeling like they’re part of something.

Add to that the fact that social media doubles as a marketing channel and a way for schools to establish brand reputation and it becomes clear why some schools are spending more time on Facebook and Instagram than your 12 year old niece.

We were pretty impressed with the level of activity we saw at some of our favorite schools, and thought we’d explore the phenomenon ourselves. So we decided to do a little comparative analysis of the social media accounts for the nearly 500 accredited schools offering paralegal programs in the U.S.

And, hey, we’re in it for the shares too, so we tried to create something with enough novelty and utility that it might just catch fire when we set it loose in the wilds of the social media landscape.

To make it novel enough to share, we’ve scored and ranked the social media activity from the legal studies departments of each school. To make it useful enough to stick around for a while, the list doubles as a database for the social media accounts of every single one of these legal studies departments.

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This list features programs that our editorial staff hand selected to present as top recommendations. We believe the many aspects of a program that come together to create an exceptional student experience can’t be reduced to numbers alone, so no formula was used to attempt to score or rank these programs. Instead, they represent our top picks based on a thoughtful review of the things we know mean the most to students. Each one of these programs offers something unique, and all come equally highly recommended. We stand behind the principal of editorial integrity and make these recommendations independently and without compensation.

Most Social Media Savvy Legal Studies Departments

How We Scored and Ranked the Most Social Media Friendly Schools with Paralegal Programs

For our 2018 list of the legal studies departments with the most active social media accounts, we used a 100-point system that scored activity taking place on the 8 most popular platforms. We gave the most weight to the old standards of social media like Facebook and Twitter, and less weight to newer, more niche platforms like SnapChat and Instagram.

Facebook – 25 Possible Points Scored Across Two Categories

Likes (More than 100,000= 12.5; 50,000-99,999= 8.3; 1-49,999= 4.17)

Followers (More than 100,000= 12.5; 50,000-99,999= 8.3; 1-49,996= 4.17)

Twitter – 25 Possible Points Scored Across Two Categories

Tweets  (More than 10,000= 12.5; 6667-9999= 8.3; 1-6666= 4.17)

Followers (More than 25,000= 12.5; 16,667-24,999= 8.3; 1-16,666= 4.17)

YouTube – 25 Possible Points Scored Across Three Categories

Subscribers (More than 200= 8.3; 130-199= 5.5; 1-129= 2.8)

Videos (More than 300= 8.3; 200-299= 5.5; 1-199= 2.8)

Views (More than 10,000 = 8.3; 6667, 9999= 5.5; 1-6666= 2.8)

LinkedIn – 5 Possible Points

Followers (More than 1000= 5; 670-999= 3.3; 1-666= 1.7)

Google Plus – 5 Possible Points

Followers (More than 100= 5; 67-99= 3.3; 1-66= 1.7)

Pinterest – 5 Possible Points

Followers (More than 100= 5; 67-99= 3.3; 1-66= 1.7)

SnapChat – 5 Possible Points

(Yes= 5; No= 0)

Instagram – 5 Possible Points

Photos (More than 100= 5; 67-99= 3.3; 1-66= 1.7)